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Avaya : Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Administration

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In this course, you will learn to perform Communication Manager (CM) administration tasks. You will cover basic features and functions, creating a dial plan, setting up class of service (COS) and class of restrictions (COR), administering endpoints, performing system maintenance, and generating system reports. This course addresses CM release R5.2x through R6.3.


  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Fundamentals (ATI01672VEN)
  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and CM Messaging - Embedded Implementation (4U00030)

Communication Manager System

  • Communication Manager (CM)
  • Hardware
  • Duplication and survivability
  • Interfaces for administration
  • System Management Interface (SMI)
  • License settings in the lab

Administration of CM

  • System Access Terminal (SAT) command structure
  • Determine CM software release
  • Capacity limits of license

Managing Endpoints

  • Endpoints
  • Adding digital and analog endpoints

Basic Features

  • Feature Access Code (FAC) list
  • Terminal Translation Initialization (TTI)
  • Class of Service (COS)
  • Console permissions
  • Class of Restriction (COR)

Enhanced Features

  • Call park
  • Station Lock

Group Features

  • Call Pickup


  • Alarms and errors
  • Reset Levels
  • Maintenance commands
  • Security

System Status and Reports

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reports


  • Lab 1: Avaya Site Administration - ASA
  • Lab 2: PuTTY
  • Lab 3: Authentication, Authorizations, and Accounting (AAA) Services
  • Lab 4: Dial Plan
  • Lab 5: IP Telephones
  • Lab 6: Personal Station Access (PSA)
  • Lab 7: Copy, Alias, and Delete
  • Lab 8: Hold/Transfer Calls
  • Lab 9: Conference
  • Lab 10: Automatic Callback
  • Lab 11: Call Forwarding
  • Lab 12: Priority Calling
  • Lab 13: Calling Permissions
  • Lab 14: Service Observing
  • Lab 15: Bridged Call Appearance
  • Lab 16: Team Button
  • Lab 17: Hunt Group
  • Lab 18: Call Coverage
  • Lab 19: Abbreviated Dialing
  • Lab 20: Back Up (CM translations)
  • Avaya configuration and solutions with Avaya Aura
  • Hardware components
  • System duplication and backup options
  • Types of telephones
  • Important boards and media modules
  • Use Avaya Site Administration to manage:Dial plan and feature access codes
  • Analog and digital stations
  • IP stations
  • Call park, bridged call appearance, and other basic features COS and COR
  • Abbreviated dialing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call coverage

Avaya employees, partners, and customers responsible for software configuration of the Avaya Communication Manager

This course is part of the following programs or tracks:

  • Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) - Avaya Aura®
  • Communication Manager and CM Messaging - Embedded
  • Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) - Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Course Outline