Course Code: SE2-201

Java Application Programming

This second course in Java course teaches the learner how to develop Java applications using the GUI, network programming, databases and web based server applications using Java Server Pages (JSP’s). The course is be structured around a hypothetical bank project in order to teach the learners how to develop a real application. Topics covered are:

  • The Graphical User Interface
  • This section gives an overview of the AWT. In addition an extensive description of the major features of the Java Foundation Classes (swing) is described.

  • Network Programming
  • This chapter gives an introduction to TCP/IP and network programming using sockets in a client-server Java environment.

  • Database Programming
  • This topic described the use of the Java database access packages for database access using imbedded SQL.

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Java Programming Primer
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At the completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Design and develop client applications in Java that communicate via sockets with a server application.
  • Design a graphical user interface (GUI) using most of the Java swing classes including the development of layout managers and event listeners. The GUI is developed from first principles and no RAD tools are used.
  • Use Java code to access a relational database using SQL statements.
  • Build scripts to compile and build the application.
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