Course Code: S10-201

SNIA Storage Networking Management and Administration (Application)

Management and Administration provides a comprehensive understanding of Fibre Channel SAN and SAN Management technologies from a vendor-neutral perspective. Participants learn about protocols, standards, operation, and implementation considerations, including SAN Management tools and integration with the overall Enterprise Resource Management scheme.

Technology assessments range from the capabilities and limitations of Fibre Channel SANs, to in-depth discussions of complementary technologies that enable the integration of SANs with LAN/MAN/WAN infrastructures to address business and IT goals.

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Participants will be expected to have the following experience:

  • Storage Networking Concepts— Foundation
  • or
  • SNIA Storage Professional Certification
  • or
  • Equivalent experience/knowledge
Velisa Africa Academy

1st floor, Bridgeport House Hampton Office Park, 20 Georgian Crescent East, Bryanston 2021

Please send your requests to Pauli Taylor:
  • Identify the key applications enabled by storage networking.
  • Discuss the capabilities, strengths and limitations of Fibre Channel SAN technology.
  • Describe and differentiate between the Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop and Switched Fabric topologies.
  • Describe the Fibre Channel layered protocol architecture and data structure.
  • Describe Fibre Channel classes of service and flow control mechanisms.
  • Describe the addressing mechanism used in Fibre Channel networks.
  • Describe the Fibre Channel fabric login process.
  • Apply and enhance skills needed to resolve real-world storage networking issues.
  • Describe the Routing and Interoperability mechanisms used within SAS and SATA environments.
  • Discuss SAN design considerations and review best practices.
  • Review the capabilities, strengths, and limitations of various SAN architectures and methodologies.
  • Strengthen design capabilities by designing and implementing a SAN, including completing typical SAN port and throughput exercises.
  • Review the topics and technical level of knowledge tested in the SNIA Storage Networking Management and Administration exam.