Go to school.  Get a qualification.  Get hired.  Work hard and long.  Retire.  The end.

This story has become totally obsolete in today’s world!  The reality is that in South Africa, in particular, the schooling system is not up to the standards that it should be and colleges and universities do not provide students and graduates with practical, work-readiness and entrepreneurial skills programmes to prepare them for what is out there.

So what is out there?

  • According to NUMSA, South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is the third worst in the world.
  • 71% of all unemployed people in South Africa are between the ages of 15 – 29
  • According to the Financial Mail, the unemployment rate among youth is 36%. About 3,3m youth aged 15-34 are not employed or studying.
  • According to the Mail & Guardian, out of a population of 49-million, 7.5-million South Africans are out of work. Young people are worst affected, with over half of 18- to 25-year-olds unemployed.

Fear not! There is always help to be found.

We offer a number of skills programmes and courses that will assist you in either setting up your very own business or becoming a valuable employee.

Our training is not about books and theory. Although it is important to equip yourself properly, we have a strong focus on the ‘doing’ part of learning. The courses on offer can be tied into Internship programmes and Learner-ship programmes.

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