The SparkPlug Project – Facilitating employment and entrepreneurship for graduates

South Africa has 405 000 unemployed graduates – some of whom are standing on street corners begging for jobs.

About The SparkPlug Project

The SparkPlug project is in partnership with Velisa Africa Academy. We are placing graduates from a work readiness program into qualifying small and medium enterprises (SME’s) as interns.

The graduates will not only gain work experience, they will gain insight on running a business.

After a year, the graduates can either look for permanent employment or start their own businesses.

Beyond a job and a pay check, this will instil a sense of pride and purpose.

We need your help

We are raising funds to provide the graduates with salaries and tools of trade. This will also subsidize the costs of employment for the SME that will host the interns.

In order to facilitate their employment we need the following:

  • Funds to cover salaries and the administration costs (Total: R1 815 000)
  • Tools to trade – Laptops, mobile phones, airtime and data
  • Employee benefits like Medical aid, Pension and/or provident funds

It’s not just about money. We will appreciate any contributions to facilitate their employment.

See how it works on

Please contact Dee Cranswick if you can assist.