There aren’t better testimonials than those we receive from our customers. Below you can read more about what some of them have to say about the Velisa Experience…

Riaan Roux, Business Development Consultant, Anana:

“We are more than satisfied with the quality of their training services and methodologies, and they have exceeded output expectations for a second year in a row. I can highly recommend their services to any business.”


Ian Van Der Breggen Regional Sales Manager:

“Hi Dee, I just thought I should drop you a quick note to give you some feedback on Zanele and Angel. In short, these two ladies epitomise the goals and intent of the Academy. It has been a long time since I have engaged with a more enthusiastic, talented and professional pair of young ladies.  Their work ethic and attention to detail is fantastic, their presentation skills are better than many of my sales team and all of this with a humble and appreciative attitude.  It is really exciting to see how these young people have grown and matured into valuable and dependable individuals. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for positions in a sales role. I must commend you and your team for the Academy programme, the results are magnificent and Shoden (HDS), our clients as well as the interns have all benefited from your personal interest and passion.”

Fanie Van Rensburg: Previous Managing Director Shoden Data Systems (Pty) Ltd:

“The need to enhance the Employment Equity ratio at Shoden in a meaningful way precipitated the establishment of an academy that would augment the institutions of learning’s ability to provide suitably qualified individuals to the IT industry in South Africa. As such, the selection criteria of prospective candidates for an intern programme was thus aligned to the demographics of the population of South Africa where all candidates were selected from the previously disadvantaged groupings, and on their ability to complete the two year programme successfully. Financial assistance was considered an imperative in order to enable to candidates to complete the programme with absolute focus.

The management team at the time believed it was its moral obligation to the employees at Shoden to assist in the building of a sustainable industry, for future employment and development.
The Shoden Academy was established with the following goals:

  • Enhance the curricula of the established institutions of learning such as the Universities and Technikons
  • Providing practical training and experience to enable the learners to apply their knowledge in a real environment.
  • Enhance the learners ability to interact appropriately in a workplace with peers and customers
  • Provide an opportunity for those learners that would wish to pursue a career in IT that did not fall within the ambit of the career opportunities at Shoden, but rather with one of our Customers, in a productive and prospect full manner. ……

There is no doubt that the overall success of the Academy has been more than acceptable in improving the ability of the interns that attended the programme to find suitable employment. In a number of cases the success was profound, to the extent that I believe the focus on the importance of education in the respective family units of those interns that completed the programme has been elevated significantly.”

Gerard Almon Services Director for HDS Sub Saharan Africa:

“The Shoden Academy built a very successful model with its intern training program. The program not only focuses on developing the required technical skills for participants to fulfil a career in IT, but builds up young entrepreneurs who are hungry to learn and add value. We measure the success of the program against the general work ethics and attitude of the graduates as they join our permanent workforce, and we are proud to see the success we have had over the last few years with top class employees created by the academy program.“

Omar Jabr, EMEA Director, HDS Academy:

“I would like to thank you personally Dee for all your passion and dedication in caring for our business and making every effort in supporting us. Your team has also been exceptional in their attention, professionalism and care in driving our day to day affairs.“

Various other extracts from customers:

“…their learning outcomes were such that we were happy to thereafter employ all the graduates whom we sponsored through the training. I would happily recommend Velisa Africa for similar training.“

“We are very happy with the internship syllabus and quality of training and mentorship the interns receive from the Velisa Program… We highly recommend the Internship Program that Velisa Africa Academy offers as we believe that it enables people who have completed a degree or diploma to attain practical experience, knowledge and subsequently, employment. The Velisa model enables small companies to afford internships and we strongly support this as we would not have been able to participate otherwise.“

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